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#followmeto the Maldives Islands with @yourleo. We are excited to bring our #LeTourDeBochic project to London. A collection of our prints and @bochic jewelry pieces featured in the images will be on display at @HarveyNichols Knightsbridge 3rd Floor Style Concierge.
#followmeto the Maldives Islands with @yourleo. Not many people know that, but Maldives has some of the best waves in the world and some great surfing spots......................................................................... 🏄Tag someone you know that is a surf maniac.🏄
#followmeto The Maldives Islands with @yourleo.  Where did you go for your honeymoon? 
Tag your loved ones. @fsmaldives #landaagiraavaru
#followmeto The Maldives Islands with @yourleo.  Recently came back from our honeymoon which we have decided to spend there.  It is an amazing place and you literally think that you have photoshop in your eyes because everything is so beautiful. Tried to persuade Nataly to swim with the sharks :). Maybe next time. @fsmaldives
#followmeto Las Vegas with @yourleo. It was difficult finding a perfect spot opposite the fountains, but we have managed to find this one. With @beautifuldestinations, @bellagio and @iamfuza
#followmeto Las Vegas with @yourleo. It was our first destination after the wedding. Thanks to our friends @beautifuldestinations and @bellagio for inviting us! Tell me your crazy Vegas stories :)!
#followmeto the wedding with my love @yourleo.  I promise to hold your hand and tell you I love you every day for the rest of our lives. 
Спасибо за платье бутик Vera Wang Москва, лучшему агентству @wedoagency и лучшему декоратору @lidseventhouse за эту сказку :)!!
#followmeto the preparations for the wedding with @yourleo at our friend Antonio's place @mastersuit. Two days left. Anyone waiting for the wedding photo? :)
#followmeto the set of the @coldfrontfilm with @yourleo. First feature film done by my production company #Hypefilm. Link in my bio!
#followmeto the Taj Mahal with @yourleo. This is the second photo we did in Agra. 
It was extremely difficult finding the spot to shoot this great landmark from the back as there is a big fence and police surrounding the area. Which photo do you like more this or the previous one? :). @followmetraveller #followmetraveller
#followmeto Sigiriya Lion Rock with @yourleo. Sri Lanka was on our bucket list of places we wanted to visit. We were extremely happy to explore the historical sites of this country, even though it was a challenge getting on top of this rock in a hot weather :). We are definitely coming back. #LeTourDeBochic. 
Backstage pictures soon on @followmetraveller.
#followmeto the Jumbo Kingdom in Hong Kong with @yourleo.
It was an amazing trip to one of our most favourite cities and we are happy it was one of the destinations on #LeTourDeBochic

We had a great week at @upperhouse_hkg where our month long exhibition just came to an end. 
You can find more photos on our official backstage account @followmetraveller.